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Horseriding (and much more) in Morocco

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Riding in wild areas, where you can't get by car nor by foot. Galloping on wild beaches, wandering in narrow mountain paths, taking bath on horseback through the waves, eating dates and figs and staring at the sun sinking in the Ocean and stars twinkles at night


This is Morocco you can hardly find by yourself.





we go to Zagora region, through the Bani mountains to meet the great dunes of Erg Chigaga. We gallop across empty spaces, eat in the shade of date palms and acacias, look into the starry sky and sit by the fire, sipping mint tea or mulled wine.

We explore Berber villages, oasis and go on paths where there is nothing but us and great space...


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Essaouira - Sidi Kauki - Maroko