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  maroc à cheval

                         horse riding in morocco


our team

our priorities

we take care of our surrounding as our home. We clean the beaches and forests, eat local food, we promote respect for the environment and animals among the local community.


we belong here and take care of our community. We give the work and try to help one in need.   We work as a community and family, trying to avoid hierarchy. 
our project

is a small stable that is a refuge for animals and retreat for people. It's our home to which we invite you.  Everything we propose you comes from us and  with us.

marketing girl, clicks on the computer, maintains european standards, invents new problems,
bothers the rest of the team. Horse lover. Co-founder of the project.

horseman, guide, inventor of new routes; brings the ideas of marketing girl to life. Excellent cook, soul of the company, the best rider.
Comes from the desert, from nomad family. Initiator of the project.

one-man band, without whom the project wouldn't work. Feeds all animals, repairs everything what is broken, keeps all clean and neat. Also a second and sometimes first guide.

support guy, that's mean he does everything what is needed. Does the things that one-man band didn't do, helps saddling horses, then smiles a lot and makes jokes.
our horses

our first horse; with exceptional beauty and intelligence; with great gaits.Very well dressed, he can do a lot of tricks with his teacher. And you look elegant when ride Prince and feel soo comfortable.

he has always been with us; horse for beginners and for experienced; he loves 3 things in his life: eating, sleeping and galloping. Very experienced, imperturbable and if rider wants - very fast.

for riders who loves energetic and impulsive horses and don't like to motivate them to go. Sensitive in a mouth, responsive and with the great heart for work. Very enduring and ambitious. 

how itri works depends much on a rider. He can be one of the first, but he needs motivation. Good choice for men, both because he is bigger one and of his character. 

he is a little spitfire to other horses when they want to outrun him, but at the same time totally harmless.     He is like an armchair and you can daydream riding him. Mogador do everything by himself.

exceptionally colored and very cheerful. Great at gallop and trot, easy to control, at a walk he needs a little calf to keep up with the rest, because he has a fairly short step, but if you keep reminding him, he will walk as fast as the fastest.

the Shagya Arab - hot tempered as befits the breed. Well dressed and very responsive but with strong character. He dislikes strong hand, becomes nervous with riders who can't work with him gently. Guide horse. 

a young horse, still needing a leader. With confident rider he walks great, with less experienced and less demanding he could get lost a bit.

gentle, ambitious and fast. He can gallop really slow, almoust in one place and very speedy, as well as stop in one second like in a western competitions.Calm but fond of gallops and races. 

not a big one but with great heart and ambition to work. He walks briskly, gallops fast; with a large dose of energy, yet easy to control. Small in size but with strong legs

quarter type horse, slightly smaller, but well muscled. Ambitious, with brisk walk. Found in Sahara and taken from work with the cart. He needs a few more trips to get used to covering many kilometers for several days, but already gives his best
is the perfect representative of the Berarab race - our only horse with a passport. Well built, with a beautiful, thick mane and tail. He is the newest one - has had his first trip behind him, but just starting his career.
and other animals...
dogs -
hatchi, tischka, sbiks, bruno

all of them we have found abandoned and we gave them home. Probably, when you are reading this, there are already more dogs at our place. They all work braverly, guarding the herd and hunting lizards during the trips.

probably the only not working donkeys in Morocco. They are here just for fun and some of them are rescued - injured or starving - we gave them new home.
cats -

there is no real stable without cats. we don't know how many cats we feed. Pati, Bulbul,Bagera. Blanca and Titu live in the stable, they were once dumpy and wild, today the first to cuddle. They follow us everywhere and behave like a dogs.
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