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                                        horse riding in morocco

Day 1


We pick you up from the Marrakesh airport  and  make our way to Essaouira. The journey is 3,5 h with lunch break. Today you can relax after all day travelling  – sandy beach, horses in a stable ready for a light ride in the sunshine is waiting for you!

In the evening dinner will end this day giving you a real taste of Moroccan cuisine.

Accommodation is in a guest house, 26 km from Essaouira - in Sidi Kaouki village.



Day 2


It is a horse riding day, so we get on the horses and go on tour!  Mountains, berber villages, argan trees - this is our environment for today. You have time to become the best friend with your horse, a lot of walking but we do not forget gallops! We take lunch on the way -under the argan trees and blue sky. It will be local food prepared today by our chef.  Afternoon we reach our guest house.  Again - beach, talking about what happened today over a mint tea...and delicious dinner.  Can't wait for the next day?


Day 3


Another full day trip on your horse. This time we head to the ocean, narrow paths, cliffs and wide beaches full of seagulls. Galloping in the water, racing in the sand - you will be wet, sandy, sweaty and happy! We will see little waterfalls, huge dunes and take lunch on the beach.


Day 4


Beaches, beaches everywhere. But this time we are going towards Essaouira. Climbing to the high cliffs, admiring the blue-green water from above. A lot of gallops, a lot of dunes, eucalyptus trees, fishing villages, small restaurant on the beach and a lot of fun!

We hope you return tired and smiling and with the desire of more...


Day 7


Day of wishes! We can take you to the ocean waves for surfing lessons or for quad madness in the dunes...or horses again  - swimming in the ocean, bareback gallops, races with the wind or photo session with horses! It all depends on what you love the most, what you want to try and a bit on the weather.

Price: 660 euro

ticket price is not included

group: from 4 to 10 persons


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Horses & Surfing

Day 5


Next horse day and the next trail! Mountains, hills, steep descents, oasis, fields, ravens and some challenges -  a day like every day on a horse's back


Day 6


Essaouira!  The walls of the fortress that you saw in Game of Thrones, the narrow streets of the medina, the port and the fish market, sea fruit and ubiquitous gulls, ocean waves crashing against the walls. We will spend today there, exploring the city, visiting hammam, choosing spices, eating fruit and drinking sugar cane juice.


Day 8



Home sweet home, going home....

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