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Horse adventures in Morocco

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1. How experienced I must be in riding


To feel comfortable and secure on the trip, it is good to know how to ride in every of three gaits and have some basic knowledge about horse behavior.

Our horses are not afraid of cars, quads, falling leaves, wind, other animals. They are used to trips. However they are quite energetic.

We do not gallop for a long time. We gallop fast, but just for a few mintes. 

There is always possibility to divide the group into two - if some participants are not feelling confident - for that reason we have always two guides on horses.




2. What to bring list and how to pack


All stuff travel by car, so it is up to You if You pack in suitcase or backpack. 

There is no need to take a lot of things for the trip, it should be possible to take only hand luggage.

You do not need to take all riding stuff, as special boots, unless they make you feel more comfortable.  We do not provided helmets, so if You decide to ride in helmet Ypu need to takie it with You.

Things that are necessery:


  1. sleeping bag (for Sahara trip and from March to April it is better to have a warmer one, with temperature limit to 10 degrees. In summer time thin one is enough. It is possible to sleep only under blanket then.

  2. torch (the best is one you can put on your head). Sometimes a moon light is so strong that you do not need any light, but in some cloudy nights torch is helpful.

  3. slippers

  4. suncream with high protection

  5. hat or something which protects your head against the sun.

  6. sunglasses - it protects also againstdust and sand in gallops.

  7. powerbank - for few days there is no electricity

  8. cash - it depends on the trip but generally the price does not include meals on very first and last day. For souvenirs, meals and hammam 200 euro should be enough. 



3. where do we sleep


During the long trips at Atlantc coast first and last night we spend in morrocan stylish hotel (riad). We try to book ones which are comfortable and typical morrocan.


On Sahara trip we spend two night in riad in Marrakech and two nights in desert camp with big berber tents.


The rest of nights we sleep under the tents. We have single ones and double.

4. What do we eat


During the trip meals are prepared by our chief. For breakfast we eat bread with argan oil, amlou, eggs and confiture.

Lunch is taken with us and we eat on the way. We usually eat rice or pasta with salads, fish and eggs.

For supper is tagine (stewed meat with vegetables) and harira (soup made from lentiles and chickpeas), sometimes barbecue.


All products are fresh and local, bought in the day of prepare.

We prepare special meals for vegetarians.


If You are allergic or have special diet let us know before.

5. What is the difference between the routes and when is the best time to come


The very simple division is made because of seasons - late autumn and winter is the best time to come visit desert. Day temperatures are very pleasant (30 degrees in November to 18 in January). Nights are much cooler, but a little bit warmer sleeping bag solve this problem totally.


From March to the end of October - is the best time for Atlantic trip.  Spring brings sunny weather with 20 - 25 degrees and summer is warmer but windy, which makes the air cooler. Autumn is still hot but with colder evenings.


Argans route is better for hotter time (May -September) because of wind which makes You feel cooler.


Berbers route is perfect for spring time, because we spend less time on the windy coast, so the air is hotter.


The both routes let us swim and play with horses in water.

6. Flights


We do not provide plane tickets. However we help in seraching good flights. Depneding on the route the best choice for airport is Marrakech or Agadir or Essaouira (although there is no many direct flights to Essaouira)

7. Morocco - muslim country - safeness, prices, culture, alcohol


The country is really open to European culture and to tourists. It is said to be the safest country in Africa.


Walking on the street with t-shirt or short trousers on bothers nobody.  Also the swimming suit on the beach is absolutely common.  Especially seaside region is quite liberal and people here are used to tourist's behavior and customs. 

It is not dangerous also for women to walk lonely on the streets or even travelling alone through the counnrty. 

As always there are some borders - too short trousers or skirt or bra which is visible throught the shirt when you are walking on the street might be the reason of provocation.


Safeness - the country is not said to be threatened by terrorist attacks. On the streest it is common to see the tourist's police.

When we are on trip - we pass the region which are not touristic, not crowded.

Sahara is safe either. Stories about kidnapping are stories fables.


Moroccan people are very friendly and open to tourists. But still there are some diffirences between cultures.  It is good to remember that trade is the part of their culture. On the streets everyone will try to convince You to enter his shop and buy something.  If You are not really interested do not come in and say gently thank you.

Remember that haggling is also the part of culture.


Alcohol is available in big markets, as Carrefour, but it is quite expensive.  During the trip we will have wine for dinner. If You want more alcohol jut tell us before the trip to buy something for You. 


8. What is included in price.


All accomodations in hotels, riads, tranfers and transport of luggages, 3 meals per day during the trip, guides and horses.


Additional cost is plane ticket and insurance.  


We do not provide also meals taken in restaurants - especially on the arrival and departure days.


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