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Marrakech ..... carpets full of different colors and patterns, mountains of spices, the smell of leather, endless stalls, spicy coffee, sweet nougat, snake charmers ... narrow streets, oriental food, countless fruits, millions of olives ... Jmaa El Fnaa square. This is where you will start your adventure in Morocco today. You can either fall in love or hate Marrakech, but it's definitely worth seeing. At the end of the day, rest in the riad, with dinner on the terrace or patio - all in traditional Moroccan style.




Atlas ..... we reach the clouds - villages with blooming almonds, green oasis after autumn rains and peaks covered with snow. In the mountains in winter - white clouds meet white peaks. The road is winding and uphill until we enter the lunar landscape of the Anti-Atlas. Ouarzazate, or Moroccan Hollywood - film studios, landscapes known from movies. There are endless palm groves - date trees - the oldest fruit trees in the world. And finally, Zagora, the last big city before the desert. This is where we run our stable during the winter season. We rest in a hotel - traditionally Moroccan, but different from the riad in Marrakech! The south of Morocco is a completely different culture and style of construction. 



Are you excited to see the horses? Today is the day! We go to the stables, where we already work from the morning, saddle the horses, pack everything for camping, cook lunch and fill our bags. Today you jump into the saddle, get to know your horse, find a common language and admire the scenery. We leave cleaning and saddling for the next days. The mountainous areas of Zagora are ahead of us until we cross the Draa River. In front of us there is a desert landscape, in the distance the longest range of mountains in Morocco - Bani, which surround the whole area. There is still a river ahead of us, a village, a bit of gallopping, until we reach a palm oasis at the foot of the mountains, where we set up camp. And left there is only feeding the horses, talking, a fire, a Moroccan dinner, drums, fun, moon-rise, the milky way, which is an evening like every day in the Sahara.





Draa again - sometimes overgrown, sometimes treacherously deep, but we ride into it on horseback. The south is calling us, the Sahara is waiting for us. The geographic boundary of the desert is yet to come. Don't let the name fool you - the desert is not empty. The desert is not only sand. These are mountains, various rock formations, they are vegetation, they are huge spaces, there is a river, there are oases. Lunch on a rock ledge with a view of the countryside in the middle of nowhere? This is our stop today. If we see anyone, it will be the Nomads with their herds. The first dunes ahead - a camp between sandy mountains with the sun setting in the background.



Dunes and sand, soft sandy mountains, but not that high yet. Behind them, abandoned gardens, dried up from lack of water, large spaces with hard, dry, cracking earth. In the distance, the mountains again, the gateway to the Sahara. It is behind them that the desert begins. This is where we will allow our horses to race, gallop on the beaten ground, we will leave only sand and dust behind us to get to the camp with a lot of adrenaline - this time there are carpets, beds in the desert, huge tents, pillows, candles, a shower and hot water, Moroccan ceramics, or luxury on the great sand.



Price: 850 euro

the price does not include the air ticket

group: from 6 to 10 persons


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Dunes, tamarisks, lots of galloping places, gazelles and desert foxes (with any luck), grasses and acacia trees. Our direction is almost always mountains. Today, camp again under the foot of the mountains with spectacular sunsets, huge stars and falling comets. All of the most beautiful sunset photos are from here.





Mountains and more mountains, hamadas, we ride along the mountain range, cross the pass and sit down for lunch under the tamarisks. And then the mountains again .... today is a mountain day, with climbing, the horses will be walking next to us, step by step, bravely overcoming stones and heights. Reward - Plain panorama and a gallop with the mountains and the setting sun in the background. We will enter the camp with a gallop. Last night under a starry sky, with the spectacle of the orange moon suddenly appearing in the sky, with wind, fire and all the wild nature of the Sahara.




The last day spent with your horse. After 6 days together, we believe that they have become your best travel companions. They showed you the world from their backs. Today, shorter, but more intensive, we are increasing the pace - a lot of gallops, also along narrow paths through villages, bends, among suburban gardens. And the river again - it can be rushing and deep, and it can turn out that we only get our hooves wet. Rivers in Morocco come and go. Saying goodbye to horses, lunch and urban pleasures -shopping, hammam, henna and relaxation.


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Are you cinema buffs? Today we will stop at the movie village - Aint Ben Haddou. The village is a fortified settlement located at the foot of a mountain, which is the heroine of many productions and a tourist attraction. Picturesque, great for photos. With a panoramic view of the entire area. We will also see a piece of Moroccan history - power, treason, wealth, ruin ... that is the largest property of the ruler of the south - Pasha Galouani.



DAY 10


Return to the hustle and bustle of the city ... after a few days in the wilderness, the city will seem loud, overcrowded, very busy and full of rush. You can escape onto the roof of the riad or immerse yourself in the bustling life of Marrakesh.




DAY 11


Home, sweet home.