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Horse adventures in Morocco

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This trip lasts 8 days.


At the begining the route leads inland, along the riverbed. In the middle of trip we reach the ocean coast and keep going through the beaches and cliffs.


The route is available from March to November. And it is the best choice for spring time or late autumn, because there is no heavy wind inland which makes the temperature feeling much lower.


We take up to 9 riders.  We can also take some group which do not ride horses and make the quad trip for them.

Day 1.


We often begin in Marrakech, as it is the opportunity to see the city. Althought there is also a possibility to come to Agadir or Essaouira directly -  if the flight there is more convenient for You.  

In Marrakech we spend very first day, losing ourselves in narrow streets of medina, shopping and soaking up the oriental character of the city.


If You decide to come to Agadir, we take you from airport directly to Essaouira, where You spend first night.

Day 2.


We leave Marrakech early morning. However if You spend night in Essaouira You can get enough sleep.

Afer arriving Essaouira we go to the stable and start the horse trip. We make lunch break on the way.  The route leads along the riverbed, through the dunes and hills.

Day 3.


It is going to be a long day. We pass the souk an head to artificial lagoon. With a little attention and luck You will see the ruins of old sugar cane plantation.

Day 4.


There will be a lot of hills and rocky paths. But even more of Argan trees and meadows. In spring, after rainy winter it should be plenty of greenery.  We can visit the argan oil company.



Day 5.


After entire day among the Argans, rocks, berber villages, we reach the Ocean. The camp will be placed on the slope with the view of sun setting in the water. If there is no wind, we take horses down to the Ocean.

Day 6.


We go down to the beach and make great gallops there. The rest of the route leads along the cliffs to the oasis with waterfalls and Ocean just behind the great dune. After lunch there are more gallops to the Sidi Kauki village.


Day 7.


It is the last day on horseback - there last only 26 km to  Essaouira.  Almoust all day we spend on the beach, galloping and trotting.

The afternoon  we reach city- having a time for shopping, eating seafood and sightseeing the fortress, which was a scenery in Game of Thrones.

Day 8.


We come back to Marrakech/Agadir to catch a flight home.

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