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Horse adventures in Morocco

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The trip lasts 8 days. 


The route leads all the time along the Ocean, however first day we go up to the mountains and have a great view to the water from a heigh. There is a lot of opportunities for swimming with horses.


The route is available form March to November. This is the best choice for warmer months, as May, June, August and begining of September, as the wind makes the air cooler.


We take up to 9 riders.  We can take non riders as well and organize quad trip for them. 

Day 1.


The best place to begin the trip is Agadir, so we highly recommend to find flight to the city. Although we do not rest in the city for a minute. We take a taxi from the airport and head to coastal villages.

This day we can go to see the waterfalls in Imzouar or to lake at Paradise Valley.

Day 2.


After breakfast we head north - our horses are waiting for You in Tamri - the village known from bananas.  We take lunch, get known to the horses and get on horseback. The route leads along the cliffs, with the Ocean view below, at the end of the day we go up to the mountains and set up the camp on the slope with the ocean view.

Day 3.


We spend the day in the mountains - passing the berber villages, entering the Argans Park.  The Argans trees accompany us during the lunch and during the night.

Day 4.


We start descending the mountains. The path is quite rocky, on the horizon you can see an emerald water of ocean. Lunch break is on the beach, where we can play in water with horses. 



Day 5.


The area of long and empty beaches has began, so we can start day from big gallop on the beach. After lunch we go up again to set up the camp in totaly magical place - on the escarpment with sunsetting view. If there is no much wind we go down to swim with horses. 

Day 6.


We go down to the beach and make great gallops there. The rest of the route leads along the cliffs to the oasis with waterfalls and Ocean just behind the great dune. After lunch there are more gallops to the Sidi Kauki village.


Dzień 7.


It is the last day on horseback - there last only 26 km to  Essaouira.  Almoust all day we spend on the beach, galloping and trotting.

The afternoon  we reach city- having a time for shopping, eating seafood and sightseeing the fortress, which was a scenery in Game of Thrones.

Dzień 8.


We come back to Agadir to catch a flight home.

Upcoming trips on Argans route:


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