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We are local stable, situated at Atlantic coast, 3 km from Essaouira, in Diabat village.

We  love freedom and adventure and nomadic life. That is why we like the best to do long trips, when we can show you the beauty of the country, the best views, the most interesting places, get know each other well and spend a lot of time just behind our horses. 


But we know that not everyone is ready to spend 6 days in saddle, far away from civilization  - for those we organise also short trips or 1 -2 hours horse riding on the beach.


Let's introduce our team:






He comes from Berber family from Sahara desert.  Entire life he has spent with horses.

He searches for new horses, trains them and make them ready for trip.

He is very experienced guide, that is why he knows how to make you safe during the trip and what you like the best. 

He knows routes so well that he can easily change them a little bit in the last second. Thanks to that any of our trip is the same.


He is also co-founder of the stable and co-owner of the horses



Polish girl, who left comfortable life in Europe to live in Morocco with horses. She has been visiting Morocco for 3 years and has settled here. She finds comfortable places to sleep, helps with menu on the trips, and tries to convience you to come visit us.


Co-founder of the stable and co-owner of the horses


One of our first horses. He reads in your mind what you want to do.  He is very balanced, not exited without reason, and not afraid of anything. He can gallop slowly or really fast - it depends on You, because he is always very gentle with rider. He has a lot of respect in a stable among others horses. He does not like "hard hand", so it is good to be gentle with reins.

But when Prince came to us - everybody was saying he is wild and dangerous. Now a lot of people would like to have horse like him.



He loves galloping. But everytime he is very calm, not excited and stop in every moment you want. He is strong but gentle. He walks slowly, so he tries to trot - it is good to not let him do that.  But when galloping he is uncommonly fast. He is not fancy with water. He can jump really high when finds some water to cross and tries to avoid the waves. Despite this he allows us to bring him into the water and swim.



He is very dynamic and energetic.  He does not stay without moving, has a great temperament. He is fast and very balanced in gallop. On the beach he wants to gallop all the time. He walks really fast, leaving all horses behind. He does not like when other horses overtake him. He is good for smaller riders who is not afraid of energetic horse.



Berber horse. He is one of the most gentle and calm horse in the stable. Even our small dog can take him for a walk. He loves orange peel. He is not very fast,  but you do not have to do anything when ride him.  Even people who does not ride horses well and often can gallop with him.

But Faras not always was so calm.  Before he came to us he works as pulling carriage. He really did not like this work and did everything to avoid work. 



Calin, what means Hug. His name says everything about him. He is so comfortable, gentle and so adorable. He is not afraid of anything, sometimes when happy and excited he tries galloping in place.



Our second guide.  He stays at the back to watch if you do not loose anything when galloping fast on the beach.  Sometimes stays with these who does not want to gallop fast with us, he swims with horses, helps You with everything, takes care of horses and sometimes takes great pictures.  





Quite young, well-built. He still explores the world and sometimes can be afraid of something new on the way. But he is used to others animals, cars, quads..he is more experienced every day. Really fast on the beach.




The best horse for not experienced riders. Comfortable and calm.  Not really fast, but he gallops after others. He likes to talk a lot but is very gentle and calm. 



He would like to be the first in herd. He is fast and well built but quite tender in mouth. Not always very friendly to horses he does not know.  He walks fast, the fastes in gallop and absolutely loves every peels form melons and oranges.



So brave and hard working dog. Despite so short legs he accompanies us at all trip and makes a lot more of kilometers than we. He guards horses,  barks at them wneh they behave badly, gallops with us on the beaches and always tries to sleep in bed or in tent.



He looks like belgian sheperd.  We take him to all treks, he loves playing in water.  He also loves hugging, petting, kissing and suffer so much than nobdy wants to takim him in hands like Hatchi. 


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